The most popular among fishermen and capable of taking 6 people in total, it is a boat, which is easy to paddle and can also be powered with a motor engine.  The boat is oval in shape, which makes it possible to be used even on rough water. The Silver 435 is equipped with 2 rotary seats, one thwart in the middle of the boat as well as a seat in the stern and the bow. It is also equipped with 4 hiding compartments, one of them closed with an aluminum roller blind with the possibility of locking.  The boat is C category which makes it possible to be used on coastal waters, large bays, backwaters, lakes and rivers.



– 4 railings
– Oarlocks
– 3 storage
– 3 cleats
– Profile
– 2 drain
– Plate under the engine
– Sticker silver
– Plywood transom
– 3 ears mooring
– Double deck


Length: 4,30 m
Width: 1,70 m
Weight: 160 kg
Crew: 5
Max. engine power: 10 HP / 7.3 KW
Cat: C